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5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Our skin changes from season to season, which is why you will probably find yourself switching products and changing your routine throughout the year. Keep reading for 5 ways you can "spring clean" your skincare routine.

1. Embrace Facial Mists

Gone are the long days of central heating and dry air. In the winter months our skin needs a hydration boost, while in the spring we tend to sweat more. Though tempting as it may be to wipe away that sweat with our hands, doing so contaminates the skin with bacteria, which can lead to breakouts. Instead, reach for a facial mist. It cools the skin and eliminates sweat without all the bacteria.

Sioris' Time is Running Out Mist is vegan, all natural, and formulated with fresh, organic ingredients farmed in Korea. 


2. Opt for a Low pH Cleanser

Seeing as how we sweat more in the warmer months, it makes sense to switch to a more acidic cleanser. Cleansers with a low pH (4.5-5.5) help control the oil and shine that comes with increased sweating. The skin's optimal pH level is 5.5. Using a cleanser around this level won't interfere with the skin's microflora.

Make P:rem's Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam has a mildly acidic pH of 5.5. This vegan cleanser contains fewer than 20 ingredients and won't irritate sensitive skin.

3. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer

With more humidity in the air, the more hydrated your skin becomes. Your skin is able to retain more water in the warmer months, so your heavy winter cream isn't necessary. You are also sweating more which dehydrates your skin, so moisturizing is still a must. Opt for a lightweight water-based emulsion or fluid that will provide needed hydration without leaving a sticky feeling.

Aromatica's all natural and vegan Tea Tree Balancing Emulsion uses a 7-Herbal Complex™ that keeps pores clear. Tea tree extract controls sebum and removes excess oil.  


4. Up Your SPF Game

With more sun exposure comes greater risk of premature aging and skin cancer. SPF needs to be a part of every skincare routine, no matter the season or your skin type. Invest in a good one. SPF technology is always advancing - not all creams leave a white cast and there are even matte options for those with oily skin.

Suntique's I'm Pure Perfect Cica SPF 50+ is an all natural, vegan sunscreen that leaves a clean, matte finish. It features mineral UV features and EWG green raw materials. 


5. Spring Clean Your Skincare Stash

I know, some of us have an irrational emotional attachment to skincare products. But expiry dates are there for a reason. Get rid of those products collecting dust, your skin will thank you (and don't forget to clean your makeup brushes too!). Toss any product that has been opened for more than one year. If the amount of waste bothers you, it's probably a sign that you own more products than you need. As we explained in our last blog post, we aren't zero-waste people, we're buy less stuff people. And we love any opportunity to encourage others to be these kinds of people too. :)

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