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Kategorie: Houttuynia Cordata

What is it?
Houttuynia cordata, also commonly known as fish mint or heart leaf, is a Chinese medicinal herb. In SE Asia it is consumed for its antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

What are the benefits?
Houttuynia cordata both moisturizes and acts a natural antibiotic for the skin. It effectively treats acne and helps skin cells regenerate. The principal active components in this ingredient work where common antibiotics don't, which is why it is so effective at combatting acne.

Who should use this ingredient?
Those with sensitive, acne-prone or dry skin benefit the most from this ingredient because it is a humectant (it moisturizes), and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe troubled skin. Those with very sensitive skin should do a patch test first, as Houttuynia can cause adverse reactions.

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