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Collection: Ceramides

What are ceramides?
Ceramides are naturally-occurring lipids (fats) that can be found in the uppermost layers of the skin. 50% of the skin’s composition is made up by ceramides. These fats play a huge role in determining how your skin looks overall, as well as how it responds to outside threats.

Think of ceramides as the mortar between bricks (skin cells). Without this mortar, the bricks cannot be held together. For this reason, ceramides are crucially important in preventing premature aging.

What are the skin benefits?
Ceramides help the skin retain moisture, increase hydration, strengthen its protective barrier, and keep the skin's appearance firm, smooth and plump. Ceramides also help reduce skin sensitivity.

Using an AHA or BHA product beforehand will make ceramides more effective by removing the layer of dead skin cells. With this dead layer gone, the ceramides can better absorb into the skin.

Who should use this ingredient?
Because ceramides are produced naturally, all skin types need and benefit from this ingredient.

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