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Are you also a 30-something who catches herself browsing skincare products aimed at teenagers? Maybe you wonder why you were lied to, as you never outgrew your younger, oilier years. Or perhaps you entered your 30s and your hormones went rogue, leaving you with a stubborn shine. Our oily shine is thanks to an overproduction of sebum.

Important tip:
Oily skin types need to find the right balance. Over-cleansing breaks down the skin's natural moisture barrier, leading to more oil production. And though skipping moisturizer sounds tempting, understand the difference between oil and hydration. Your skin may have a lot of oil, but that doesn't mean it has enough water. Dehydrating your skin will cause the glands to produce more sebum. Cleanse within reason, and always hydrate with a lightweight, fast absorbing moisturizer.

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