Our Story

I'm Lisa. I'm Canadian. I'm a teacher and a beauty minimalist.

I have lived in 6 countries on 4 continents and this has influenced my understanding and experience of beauty in many different ways.

I had my first contact with systematic skincare as a teenager. Like many teens, I struggled with acne and it was during this time I was introduced to the 3-step skincare routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize. These simple steps served me so well during my teenage years, that I continued them long after the acne healed.

In my early twenties, when I was teaching in east Africa, I witnessed how local women, even those who faced the greatest poverty, still took pride in their skin. This made me realize how important beauty is for all women, regardless of our age, culture, social status or resources.

Shortly afterwards I moved to South Korea to teach English. I was so overwhelmed by the importance and priority of beauty there. I was seduced by the Korean beauty industry - all the products with exotic ingredients and funny packaging. It was a whole new experience; skincare became an exciting and fun hobby, and for a while they made me believe that the 10-step routine was the only way to maximize the benefits of the products. I followed these 10 steps religiously until I moved to Germany a few years later.

The local drugstore in rural Germany did not offer any of the products I had grown accustomed to. Nivea couldn't befriend my Korean spoiled skin, so I began to order skincare online. This proved to be very expensive and time consuming, and inevitably forced me to go back to basics and cut a few steps from my beauty regimen.

When I entered my early thirties my hormones went rogue, which led to new skin problems. I've spoken to other women over the last few years about this, and I've found that many of them could relate. It's like we're 35 going on 15. My education on women's hormonal health has led me to pay much closer attention to what cosmetic products I use. I am a conscious consumer and could fill pages with stories about my journey to find skincare products that contain safe ingredients free of harmful chemicals, are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

A few years ago I found love and a new home in Switzerland. Finding Korean skincare products here was easier, but no less time-consuming. I was on the hunt for Korean brands that promote a more simple approach to skincare and show a dedication to sustainability, and I didn't want to have to order from several different shops. My husband joked about opening our own online store to spare myself and other women the struggle to find safe, ethical skincare brands. Luckily my husband works in IT, and after a short discussion – voila! Within a few weeks I had a small yet functioning online store.

It's 2020, we shouldn't have to make compromises when it comes to the products we use. Why make a conscious choice to shop with us? Because our store reflects the things we (and hopefully you) value:

  • Skip-Care - we believe less is more when it comes to skincare.
  • No animal testing of products or their ingredients
  • Ingredients that are safe for hormonal health
  • Honesty and transparency - each product is clearly marked as 100% naturalorganic, and/or vegan.

Every teacher is a lifelong learner and I am no different! I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you in my monthly blog post and in our newsletter.



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