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Sinless Skincare, Reusable Cosmetic Pads, 16 bamboo-cotton pads with laundry bag and bamboo box.
Reusable Pads - Box Set
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Reusable Pads - Box Set

Sinless Skincare
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Soft and durable, our reusable cosmetic pads are made with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Bamboo is a fast-growing crop that requires little water and no fertilizer, and even self-regenerates from its own roots. Bamboo's high sustainability factor is the reason we chose it as the main fabric for our cosmetic pads. 

This set includes 16 pads, a laundry bag, and a bamboo box.

Wash instructions: Place pads in laundry bag, wash in washing machine with light colors at 40°C. Avoid fabric softener as this will decrease the pads' absorbency. Avoid tumble drying as this can cause the pads to  lose their shape. 

After several washes the pads may shrink up to 1cm in diameter. 

Personalize it! Have your bamboo box custom engraved for only an extra 7.50 CHF. Click here for the custom engraving option.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julia Peters
Love it!

Great idea and great product!

Sumara M.
A solid purchase

I love the container, it looks good and helps to keep things tidy in my bathroom. I don't mind that they don't come out 100% white after a wash. That is to be expected and it is the same with other types I tried before. I'm using basically 2 per day everyday! The only tiny less positive thing is that I find I am trying to avoid the seam edge because it is not as soft as the rest of the surface when removing eye makeup. Really easy to toss in the wash though!

Reetta D.

The pads are quite soft, I love the bamboo box that comes with the pads, and the little hooks to hang them to dry or pull from the box is super handy as well as the washing bag that comes with the set. The only drawback is that they don't seem to be ideal for makeup removing, as they do not get compeltey clean from makeup in the washing machine in the max 40 degrees they can be washed in. I give them a rinse with marseille soap beforehand, and that does the trick. All in all a great product!


I'm so happy about those pads :-)
Very soft and confortable to use!
Very nice box too! And I saw that now you can have it engraved!!!


Love these!

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